Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc. was founded in 1988 as the state’s first public affairs and strategic communications agency. Today it’s still Connecticut’s “go-to” public relations firm for strategic thinking, street smarts, strong media relationships and successful outcomes. Meet our team…

Paddi LeShane
Chief Executive Officer
✉ pleshane@ctlobby.com
📱 (860) 614-3991
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Patrick Sullivan
✉ psullivan@ctlobby.com
📱 (860) 614-4223
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Brian Flaherty
Executive Vice President
✉ bflaherty@ctpr.com
📱 (860) 876-0082
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Dan Tapper
Senior Account Manager
✉ dtapper@ctpr.com
📱 (860) 573-4236
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Chris Zaccaro
Public Relations Associate
✉ czaccaro@ctpr.com
📱 (860) 614-1631
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